Angela Boyer MS, CCC-SLP Inactive is currently on leave. Because of this, she has gone inactive with her state licensure and certificate of clinical competence until she resumes.  When working, services are provided in the most beneficial setting for each individual. This may be at the speech office in West Linn, Lake Oswego, via distance therapy or in another natural setting. Clients are seen from all over the Portland metro area (e.g., West Linn, Lake Oswego, Tigard, Oregon City, Wilsonville, Beaverton, Portland…)

Screening: To detect areas of communication difficulties and determine the need for in-depth evaluation

Evaluation: Comprehensive assessment of the individual’s speech, language, oral motor skills and over-all communication

Treatment: Interactive and gratifying therapy tailored to the individual’s needs with periodic reassessment to determine appropriate goals

Consultation: Interdisciplinary collaboration between family, teachers, and health care professionals, in order to monitor progress and integrate programs across settings